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Jesus Peiro Metropolis

jesus peiro metropolis

Well what can I say, Jesus Peiro didn’t disappoint with their annual show in Barcelona. This is a always a highlight for me in the year, and this year they impressed me even more. 

Jesus Peiro Metropolis is inspired from Art Deco years (1920-1939), taking reference from New York the city of Skyscrapers. 

Just like those wonderful buildings, the dresses that form this collection have been constructed from inside out. Veiled transparencies dress the body, while at the same time designing the architecture of an inner building. In spite of all this precision, the structures are based on graceful lightness. These are dresses that gently caress the bride. 

The new necklines, give importance to the shoulder straps by mixing trimmings and lace, oblique and crossed shapes, and curly flounces likes wings. 

This Jesus Peiro collection is for the bride of the modern times

As we expect from Jesus Peiro they have yet again designed for a women who is very demanding in terms of quality and detail, but who knows how to enjoy the playful side of a wedding gown so that it portrays her personality. She may be sophisticated, or romantic or coquettish, but she always has an individual style that is never devoid of a sense of humour. 

At the core of Jesus Peiro is a driving principle to do a job well, and this is why their wedding dresses are exclusively made in Spain. They are fiercely proud of this and now have the certificate that guarantees the Spanish origin of each creation. They are the first company in this field to ever receive it. 


Jesus Peiro Committed to quality 

Presenting the Jesus Peiro 2018 Metropolis catwalk