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Hera Belissa

Katie’s mum specialised in the creation of bespoke garments for one-on-one clients. Growing up, Katie was surrounded by fabrics, needles and sewing machines. Patterns hung from the ceiling rails her father built for the workroom. From age eight, Katie was sewing with her mother and learning how to construct garments for her clients.

This early experience taught Katie many things: draping, measuring, pattern making, dress constructions, and fittings dresses. She loved every part of it! Nothing compares to the feeling of creating something beautiful and being a part of someone’s special day.

Even so, Katie didn’t initially think about making a career in fashion. Following her parents’ wishes, she went to university. She completed degrees in Property and Marketing (which came in handy later on) and landed her first job in the property industry. But nothing can keep her away from fashion for too long. When she wasn’t studying, working a full-time job, or running her parent’s retail store in Grey Lynn, Auckland, she would be out talking to customers and designing new collections. Katie improved on cuts and fabric choices and perfected her designs by working with a diverse range of clients. This has enriched her experience as a designer. She understands the need for comfort and has learnt how to create garments for real bodies.

Today, Hera Couture is cherished internationally by brides who appreciate timeless design and luxurious quality. Every dress is created with a real woman in mind, a woman who deserves to be her most beautiful self on her wedding day. Hera Couture will continue to create stunning, unique gowns for generations to come.

Prices from £2300 – £4000

Sample sizes 8 -20

Francois Hera
Hc Hera For You
Hera Belissa
Le Chic Hera

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To view and try on wedding dresses from Hera Couture, please book an appointment to come and see us in the boutique. The dresses included on this page only represent a small selection of the dresses we have avaliable in the boutique.

For more inspiration visit the Hera Couture website.