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Emma Married her love in a Jesus Peiro custom two piece.

Jesus Peiro

Whats lovely about my job is that I get to meet all different sorts of people every day, and no two brides are ever the same. I have so many different tastes that I would find it hard to put into words what my style actually is. I adore classic, I love quirky and the mix of the two together is my dream come true. So for me Emma was a dream, she was open to ideas and had a smile on her face the whole time. She didn’t over complicate a single part of the process. I wish I could give this piece of advice to all brides. When you find the one just go for it, why keep looking and confusing the hell out of yourself. Anyway enough from me let Emma tell you her story…

Jesus Peiro

“The proposal was pretty casual which is exactly what I would have hoped for! Just me and Tom no real fuss! We were in Malta as he is half Maltease and we are lucky enough that his parents have a house there! We had been for dinner and a couple of drinks and we were just about to head up for bed when I nipped to brush my teeth! Weirdly Tom started playing our song, Heaven by Ziggy Alberts, which was a bit odd and I suddenly got a feeling that something was about to happen! When I walked out I asked why the music was playing and he said ‘because I have a little question to ask’ and got down on one knee! I jumped around, cheered, cried and span around many times before actually saying yes! “

Swallows Nest Barn

We got married at swallows nest barn as we actually saw the venue before we were engaged on Instagram! I had a sneaky look before on their website and dreamed that would be our venue one day! Obviously once we were engaged we knew to start there and never looked back!

Jesus Peiro

“I searched on Instagram and then went to visit a friend of mine who is a seamstress and she recommend a couple of boutiques, one being The Bridal Boutique so I knew it was worth a visit “

Jesus Peiro

“The top of my dress was the first dress I tried on and the skirt was the second! (I had a two piece) My mum cried during the second but something wasn’t quite right, which is when I tried it with the first top and it was absolutely amazing! I loved everything about it but the heavy lace on the top might be my favourite! I also love that it was custom to me so it felt really special!”

Marie canning hairvine

For my shoes I knew I wanted some that were blush pink and wintery! I originally brought some blush fluffy heels but then stumbled across some Alexander Wang blush velvet heels that were in the sale! They were perfect and an absolute bargain I was certain I didn’t want a veil so chose a Marie Canning headpiece of porcelain flowers in green pink and white! It’s really delicate! Once I had my dress and headpiece I thought it couldn’t hurt to try a veil.. and it just made it all! The veil was floor length and the tulle matched the skirt! 

“I had 5 bridesmaids and there wore ASOS dresses with a tulle skirt and sequin top in the colour taupe blush”

Moss bros

The groom wore a custom green suit from moss bros from their tailor me section! It was a heavy wintery material and he even had the wedding date stitched in the pocket! His shoes were dune and him and all the groomsmen had the most amazing ties, bow ties and pocket squares from The Tie Gardner on Etsy

Jesus Peiro

“Our wedding was rustic, being in the barn and we wanted a really relaxed wintery vibe! There were fairly lights and candles all over which lit the venue perfectly!”

We had a lot of pictures around the venue of ourselves and our guests as we wanted everyone to really feel apart of the day! The speeches may have been my favourite part as they were so personal! We also had an absolute ton of confetti!

Jesus Peiro

“We did a sparkler shoot as well which was perfect for the time of yearWe had amazing weather considering it was winter and the rain held off until around 5pm meaning we got to have all family and couples photos outside, but then the rain created a beautiful rainbow and pink sky which the photographer was very excited about!! “

Jesus Peiro

“For our wedding cakes we had the bride and groom version of Marks and Spencer’s caterpillar cakes! Everyone loved them and it echoed our relaxed friendly vibe! We hired a small photo station similar to a booth but it slotted nicely in to the corner of the room so it didn’t have to be out the way! It took photos and recorded videos which made us laugh a lot the day after! The was called the ‘Guest Factor’ which I would highly recommend!”

“The wedding band ‘Captain Atlantic’ brought everything and everyone together! There were incredible and read the room knowing what to play next perfectly! As I write this I may have already changed my mind and I think our first dance, to the same song Tom proposed to, was my favourite moment! It was like no one else was around, just us two! We were going to dance for around 40 seconds but accidentally did so for 2 minutes because it was such a special moment!”

Jesus Peiro

Make up artist- Bryony Dalton

Photographer- Kate Jackson 

Florist- Green and Wild

Cannot thank you enough for everything! We had to best time when choosing the dress and I know mum loved it just as much as me!

It always mean the world to me when you take the time to write to us and show us your epic photos. Thank you so much to Emma for sharing her special day.

Love Madi xxx

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