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Wedding Checklist – 10-12 Months Before The Wedding

Wedding CoupleYay you have just got engaged and there’s a whole year or more to go until the big day so you can take things slowly right? Wrong and the more things you get organised now, the better.

First things first…set a budget

You and your fiancée need to sit down and work out what type of wedding you really want and set a realistic budget. Work out how long you have to go before the wedding; what contributions you’ll get from family and what you have already saved.

This is also a good time to decide on who is paying for what. Traditionally the bride’s parents will foot the majority of the bill but times have changed, and it’s now more common for the couple themselves to cover the majority of the costs while parents contribute to particular elements of the day – the dress or the drinks reception, for example.

The Venue

The venue can set the look for your whole day. Some couples plan their whole wedding around their dream venue and others start with a blank page.  This is where the majority of the money will be spent, so make sure it’s what you really want. There are hundreds of licensed wedding venues all around the country from churches and country houses to barns, museums and even zoos, there is a location for every couple. You and your finance should choose a venue that is right for you– this is your decision, no one else’s.

Once you have a wedding venue in mind and provisionally book a date, you need to check with the local registrar or minister that they can marry you on that date. If so, you can confirm your booking and if not, you will have to rearrange a date or find another venue.

The Big SuppliersJesus Peiro-Wedding Dresses (11)

Now the real fun starts, as you have to book your three other main suppliers – wedding dress designer, photographer and florist. Let’s take wedding dresses first as that’s our speciality and we’re sure you’ll have lots of questions when buying your wedding dress.

For a made-to-measure designer wedding gown you need to allow at least 8-10 months for designing, making, fittings and so on. However, the majority of girls will buy their gowns from bridal boutiques who carry a number of designer and manufacturer’s dresses.

When you buy a gown from The Bridal Boutique Warwickshire you will try on a sample of a gown first of all. Once you have chosen your favourite and been measured a brand new one in your size will be ordered from the maker. Then, when it arrives, the recommended seamstress may have to alter it to fit you exactly. You need to allow at least 8 -10 months for this whole process although the quicker you can decide on a wedding dress the better. Your wedding gown will lead your future decisions about accessories, reception details, maybe even colour schemes, so it’s best to get this sorted early on.

Anna Clarke photogrpahyAnother major supplier to get secured now is your wedding photographer. Good wedding photographers get booked up a year in advance so it’s essential that you start working on this now. Look in magazines and wedding blogs to find out about the latest trends and styles of photography you like. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Also, your venue may be able to help – they usually offer a list of preferred suppliers who have worked in that property before. Matt Gillespie Photography

We would suggest budgeting around £1200 – £2000 for a photographer. These pictures will provide the only tangible memory of the day so there’s no point taking chances here. Similarly, good florists will get booked up quickly so if flowers are important to you, make finding a florist one of your priorities. They will be able to guide you in terms of colour scheme and what’s available at the time you’re getting married. For example, September may be too late for peonies!

Guest list

Once you have your key suppliers in place, you can relax and turn your attention to your wedding guests, start sending out save the date cards and looking at evening entertainment options. Your venue’s co-ordinator will be able to suggest bands that have played at the property before.

You are about to embark on one of the most amazing and exciting times of your life so enjoy every minute planning your wedding day.

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