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Annie in her amazing Jesus Peiro wedding dress.

Tell me about the proposal? 

So Kris and I have been together for nine years and he’s always said if we were to get engaged it would never be on a cliché day like Christmas Day, so you can imagine how surprised I was when he got down on one knee Christmas morning, holding his late mother’s ring she had left him, our little girl Darcy -Rose watching, I couldn’t believe my eyes, he caught me completely off guard and with tears in his eyes he asked me to marry him. Kris was holding one of the most precious things to him in his fingers – His moms eternity ring, his dad bought this ring for her years ago and she had left it to kris with a beautiful note “give this to the girl you love” and there he was, giving it to me. I can’t explain my emotion at that point, I was completely in awe of him, and felt the luckiest girl in the world that he was giving me this beautiful ring to wear with pride and to cherish. Of course I said yes and we had a massive group hug with Darcy, later on after we’d stopped grinning from ear to ear about being engaged, he then explained it was completely out of the blue and only decided he wanted to ask me on Christmas Eve while I was at work, he then went to his dad and asked for the ring his mom Sara had left him. All made sense because he was a bag of nerves all night Christmas Eve and barely ate any dinner I had made him haha! Most unlike Kris! 

Tell us about your wedding where was it set and what was the feel of the day.

Our wedding was at Bordesley Park, Kris found the venue online and we went to an open day and instantly fell in love with the setting and everything Bordesley Park had to offer. 

We wanted a rustic type, laid back approach and Bordesley Park couldn’t be more accommodating, they were so helpful and friendly. The barn where we got married was stunning, and then continuing the day in the marquee was perfect, we had a band in the evening and a summer BBQ sit down meal for our wedding breakfast which was delicious. 

Tell us about shopping for the dress

If I’m honest I was dreading the shopping part, I’d given birth to my son Bobby in 2019 and was still breastfeeding by the time my dress shopping came around, my body wasn’t what I’d hoped for trying dresses on so didn’t know what to expect.

With Covid on the scene I could only bring one guest to the appointments I’d made which I was happy about because I definitely didn’t want a crowd, so a perfect excuse in my eyes. 

Warwickshire Bridal Boutique was my first wedding shop on the list, I had several other appointments booked at other bridal shops later on in the week. 

So the morning of my appointment at Bridal Boutique Warwickshire I was getting ready, feeling anxious, and kris said to me “stop worrying, you know it will be the first dress you try on – job done” he knew me well! 

I picked mom up and kept saying how nervous I felt, I’ve inherited the “hate shopping trait” from my mom, we’ve never been the “shop till you drop” kind. 

When we arrived and met Madi, I instantly felt at ease, she was so friendly right from the beginning which made me relax and not feel judged at all. My mom got herself comfortable on the beautiful sofa and off we went to the wedding rail to pick some dresses to try on, all of them were breathtaking! Madi asked what style I wanted to go for and picked around ten dresses. 

I felt really comfortable with Madi in the changing room with me, helping me get in to the dresses.. even though I think I mentioned gravity not being kind thanks to breastfeeding on more than one occasion.  

Kris was almost right! The first dress I tried on I fell in love with, it was me down to a T and Madi seemed to know it when she picked it up for me to try on, we went through all the other dresses and kept going back the 1st dress. 

It was nearly a done deal but Madi threw a curve ball in and held up a final dress, it was beautiful, but to begin with I didn’t know if it was me, but then I tried it on and was blown away, the dress fit me like a glove which I was really surprised at, I felt amazing in it, which also surprised me, and then when I walked out of the dressing room my mom cried. This was the one. I remember saying I feel sexy but classy, I knew kris would approve. 

So that was the dress! Why bother going to lots of shops only to confuse myself with different dresses! I felt beautiful in that dress so the search was over. 

What made you pick your dress? 

I loved everything about my dress, the lace, the fit, the style, and all the beautiful little details. Everyone said to me they’ve never seen a dress like it! I love the fact it was different. 

How did you style your day, and yourself? 

We stuck with the rustic vibe so I went with a boho hairstyle, but added a little glam with a diamanté veil which I loved. I had a present made for me from LunaLovesLondon, which is just perfect for any bride, my very own custom made “Mrs Bennett” denim jacket, perfect accessory. Jessica Ava did my make up and I couldn’t recommend her enough, and Rebecca Kate made the most gorgeous bouquets and flower decorations, two weeks later and they are still going strong. 

Our photographer Laura Jayne was incredible, the photos she snapped are perfect and we will cherish them, really happy memories.

What advice would you give to brides now? 

Not to stress, and try and enjoy it, I think it’s so easy to get carried away with trying to provide the most perfect day, but actually everyone just wants to be there for you, and will have an amazing day whatever the weather ha! 

Kris and I were quite good with wedding planning, we didn’t get anxious or stressed, until the week before when good old Carol on BBC news kept saying “wet and windy” for the end of the week. We’ve never paid attention to the weather so much. But then we thought sod it, it is what it is, Covid and the weather isn’t stopping us having a good time. 

So it rained all day, but it didn’t dampen our spirits and I actually think it was the best thing because we only had 30 guests, and with it raining no one disappeared outside, so we were all in the marquee together, dancing, laughing and having a good time with a great full atmosphere! (Also, the kids couldn’t escape because the sides on the marquee were down haha)  

So yes, I wouldn’t change a thing on our wedding day, to me everything was perfect.

We did think for a time we might not be able to get married which was heartbreaking because we had 21st May 2021 booked since 2019, and we wanted to be married before our daughter Darcy started school in September.

We were quite patient with organising things and held off sending save the date cards, invites etc, we came to a halt when the numbers went to 30 guests because we originally had 80 to the day so that was really tough, but we decided we care more about being married than getting married so wrote down our 30 nearest and dearest and went with it. 

Thankfully all our family were supportive and understood and we are so relieved to finally be married. 

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