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Holly super stylish in Alena Leena.

“Holly was a boutique favourite from the get go. She was honest about what she wanted, to herself, to us and to her bridal party. The biggest help to us is when somebody can tell us what they want, but also can keep their bridal party in support of their vision. The best advice I can give is always buy the dress you want, style the dress your way and when you find one you like just buy it. Don’t over think it. This applies to Venue, make up artist, hair stylist etc…. ” Madi x

Holly tells her journey below

Alena Leena Stockist Warwickshire
  • We got engaged in Ibiza overlooking the famous sunset from our balcony. Id just got out the shower, no idea what was about to happen and was sat in a tshirt with wet hair, thinking we were about to play cards, when Chris appeared with a bottle of moet and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked I barely even remember him getting down on one knee. We then had to the whole week in ibiza to party and celebrate, it was AMAZING. ‘Love this, just relaxed and comfortable vibes”
  • We got married at Devonshire Terrace in London. We met in London when I was living there, and spent the first 5 years of our relationship in London, with so so many great memories. It will always be our favourite city in the world! We wanted our wedding to ‘feel like us’, so really concentrated on having a special ceremony and then a BIG PARTY! One of the main thing that drew us to Devonshire Terrace was the 2am license haha! We loved that it felt like somewhere we could go for dinner and drinks on a Saturday night, as opposed to a traditional wedding venue, but the wedding space still had visual wow factor. We also loved that it was right in the city with the building towering around us. A perfect place to bring all our family in friends for a weekend in London. We felt very comfortable there and the staff were honestly just incredible. “again just being you, it is just how it should be.”
Alena Leena Stockist Warwickshire
  • Dress shopping was fun! I can’t say I hated any of it? Getting you’re favourite people together as you try on gorgeous dresses, drinking fizz and usually have a lunch booked after? What’s no to love? I’m sad I don’t get to do it again!
Alena Leena Stockist Warwickshire
  • I’m usually quite quick at making decisions on style, as I really know what I like and what I don’t. I’m not into fussy outfits, so knew I wanted something simple with a tiny bit of detail to make it special for my wedding dress. I saw Monstera by Alena Lena on The Lane, and was in loveeee. I went to The Bridal Boutique to try it on, and was slightly nervous as I’d set my heart on it, but needn’t have worried as I was sold before the zip was even up and never looked back!
  • I think it is so so important not to go against your usual style on your wedding day. I love minimal modern details, and we wanted a city vibe for our wedding, so had a great time creating visuals for this. As a menswear designer with a part time wedding stationery business, styling was the most exciting part of the day for me! I made mood boards very early on and it made everything so easy and clear, and was helpful to show suppliers too. At all times I was determined for all of the wedding styling to be exactly how I wanted it, and wasn’t willing to compromise on anything – and was so pleased I remained like this throughout, the whole thing blew me away when I got to the top of the aisle! That said we didn’t go over the top with details as the venue didn’t need it, and we didn’t end up in a pinterest spiral. It’s important not to get carried away wasting money on things you don’t really want or need – it won’t make your day more fun! Less is more! “I am useless at words, and Holly has just put down what is always in my head. BE YOU, don’t get dragged down the rabbit hole of thinking you need to have all the wedding stuff you see everywhere.”

Styling myself was also really nice, again I kept to my usual style, so had simple make up and hair, some amazing ear rings that I can wear again and again, and the most unreallll veil that Madi from Bridal Boutique sourced for me after I told her what I was after!

Alena Leena Stockist Warwickshire
  • I was on a high for our whole wedding planning process, and just got more excited as time went on. Enjoy the whole time! It can get stressful, but try not to let it as everything really will be amazing on the day! That said, I didn’t find wedding planning like it looks in films –  I didn’t cry at the sight of my dress and have huge emotional outbursts at various stages, so don’t worry if you don’t either, just enjoy all the little parts of planning for what they are, and don’t get caught up in anything you don’t want to.
  • Don’t do anything you don’t want to do! We didn’t want a cake so didn’t have one. No one noticed or cared. Do not invite people you don’t care about!!! Having all your favourites around you on the day is truly the best part. Choose suppliers carefully because you love their work and you trust them. This is so important. The day will become sooo stressful if you think someone is going to let you down. Also leave suppliers to do their job, if you micro manage you won’t get their best work. Get a videographer!!!!!! And get a really good DJ/Band that suits your style. We went all out ibiza vibes and didn’t panic ‘what would the older people think’ – the result was a full dancefloor from the start til 2am! 
  • Make a big deal out of things if you want to! I added lunches with my bridesmaids and mom to my dress shopping trips, and we did a couple of extra celebrations in London around the wedding. We had a big drunk night with our families 2 nights before the wedding, eating tacos, playing darts and ended up in a piano bar. By far the worst hangover of any wedding celebrations including hen do’s… We also did a ‘day after the wedding’ pizza and pub day in London. I highly recommend this. Everyone was on such a high, it was nothing fancy and it really added to the whole weekend and ended it in the best way. With cafe patron shots!
Alena Leena Stockist Warwickshire

Thank you Holly for this lovely look into your big day. xxxx

Madi x


Alena Leena Stockist Warwickshire
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