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Lucy looking stunning in Alena Leena Armeria

Tell us about the proposal

We met at a children’s party many years ago.  I was friends with the child’s mom, he was the dads friend.  I don’t actually remember really meeting there.  Later he was out with my cousin and he asked my cousin for my number.  My cousin text me and asked me if he could pass my number along and I said no, 5 mins later I got a text. 

The proposal was very simple.  Car park at the red lion in claverdon.  He did it in the car.  He said he wouldn’t get on one knee as he didn’t want the gravel to get his chinos dirty.  I was pregnant with our third child at the time. We went inside , had a lovely meal and then came home for strictly.  Rock and roll. 

Give us an overview of your wedding vision and how it came to life?

We wanted a very traditional Catholic Church wedding as we have both grown up as Catholics and still follow the religion.  So the ceremony was a gorgeous church in chipping campden.  Traditional, vows, hymns and prayers.  Perfec. Following the church service we wanted something low key and informal.  We enjoyed the most delicious  tacos and gelatos at a gorgeous barn in calmsden, where the wine kept coming, the fires were lit and we danced with our loved ones through the night. 

Tell us about your experience dress shopping at BBW?

Initially on my first visit to BBW, I didn’t see what I was looking for.  I hadn’t seen much around that caught my eye and I would self admit I am a fussy person.   I was disappointed that my dream dress wasn’t there as the shop itself is stunning and in more ways than one, right up street.  (I live 5 mins away).

I followed many designers instagrams and saw the most gorgeous dress on the most beautiful bride.  I visited their website looking for stockists and was so pleased when i saw BBW.  I immediately instagrammed Madi and she told me she would be having it in any day.  I went along, tried it on and it was the first time (at this stage I’d tried on 49 dresses) I felt this was my dress.  I fell in love with it and the relief I felt saying yes to that dress was immeasurable.

What was your favourites moment of your wedding day?
Meeting Barry at the alter.  I didn’t realise what a moment that was going to be.  His face told me everything. 

Also we had a quick trip to Londis for deodorant straight after the church, that was fun. Ha. 

Oh and I loved the confetti throw we had at the venue.  So much fun.

What advice would you give to brides planning a wedding?

If you need a catholic priest to marry you and you aren’t from their parish, take them to the pub and compliment their dog.  They can’t say no. 

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