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Trashing the dress! Would you?

Brides loved to be photographed in their beautiful wedding gowns on their wedding day, but more and more are deciding to be photographed in their wedding dress after the event. Either in a trash the dress shoot, or a rock my dress shoot. Why?

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Trash the dress…or let’s call it “Rock the Dress” is another way for brides to put on their beautiful dress and really rock it out, without all the distractions from the rest of your wedding day. I have seen some great photos of couples rocking it out after the wedding showing a different side to their relationship.

My experience trashing the dress

When I first heard about people trashing their wedding dresses I was really surprised anybody would actually want to do it, perhaps because I spend my time finding people their dream wedding dress. So in order to see what all the fuss was about off I went with my Bestie (photographed in the top image trashing her wedding dress)  and the amazing photographer Matt Gillespie to a trash the dress wedding shoot.

The first place we went was a really dense forest with moss all over the ground, it was very dark but with some amazing shards light shining through the trees. I’m not very good at having my photo taken, I pull silly faces and get all twitchy so I was amazed that he managed to get even one of me that I like. Cold squishy moss under your feet and your beautiful wedding dress being dragged through the mud, strangely was super fun. Just getting to put it on again was lovely, I think I would actually like to go again with my husband and get some of us together in that setting.

rock it two

After the visit to the forest we went up to Burton Dasset Hills, to get some images of my handmade Tutu’s for my website; I make both adult and children s tutu’s. When we got there it was so breath taking beautiful that we also took some photos of the wedding dresses here and being on the hill, the wind in your hair and the beautiful skyline was also a brilliant experience. I wouldn’t say I trashed my dress, but it is muddy, I rocked it and now I have done it I’m up for doing it again and maybe this time even going more trashy.

rock my dresstuts

If you want some different photos in your wedding dress then go for a trash the dress shoot – more memories in your beautiful wedding dress and photos that show a different side of you.

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