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Jesús Peiró ‘Nanda Devi’

Nanda Devi Jesus Peiro For anybody that has been to The Bridal Boutique Warwickshire you will  know how much I love this brand. I’m not very good with words but all I can say is that if you want HIGH quality, luxury fabrics, beautifully cut dresses that have a stand out fashion edge but maintain a classic simplicity then this is the designer for you. Jesús Peiró are everything good in Bridal and then some.

Love my dress founder Annabel writes this about them: “The Jesús Peiró creative team are passionate about providing sophisticated bridal fashion for women who expect beautiful high quality production, who value elegance and femininity, who appreciate new trends and who want to step into a gown with it’s own identity on their wedding day.

Head designer Merche Segarra leads a creative team who fully understand how to marry time-honoured, hand-applied skills in craftsmanship with cutting edge fashion silhouettes and clean, modern lines. This results in a strong and elegant signature that for me, is instantly recognisable as a Jesús Peiró creation.”

The Bridal Boutique Warwickshire hold one of the largest selection of these gowns, book in now to see all that Jesús Peiró has to offer.

Images from the latest collection “Nanda Devi”. Nanda Devi is the name of the amazing and beautiful mountain that lies between India and Nepal. Its name means “Bliss Giving Goddess” and it serves as the inspiration behind the 2016 collection


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