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Jesus Peiro Mirtilli

7064-7054-622x760Jesus Peiro Mirtilli

Well what can we say about the new Jesus Peiro Mitilli 2017 collection? To sum it up in one word would be Sublime, but its so much more than that. With this new collection Jesus Peiro presents a bright, feminine and romantic collection that offers a unique range of silhouettes, from the more opulent skirt volumes to streamlined versions, where the lightness of movement moves perfectly around the perfect cut.


“It was right at that moment that JESÚS PEIRÓ’s designer switched on a radar. For months, that radar would send out a signal at the encounter of any kind of sweet that would potentially serve as an inspiration for the collection that she was designing…the windows of Milan’s cake shops with their cream cakes oozing jam and syrup, Sundays’ dessert trays, Lent’s cream filled puff pastries, and, of course, the wedding cake…With all this sugar between the seams, JESÚS PEIRÓ presents a bright, feminine and romantic collection that offers a wide choice of silhouettes and colors…”7001-622x760
Jesus Peiro Mirtilli

Jesus Peiro’s 2017 “selection of sweets” comes in a stunning variety of flavors, from the uniquely textured opening ball gown, encrusted with berry-like jewels alluding to the collection’s namesake, to the exquisite closing number, glistening with multicolored beads and sequins. The new collection is thoroughly feminine, romantic and whimsical. And gorgeously sweet to the core.




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