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Madison in Jesus Peiro and bridesmaids in Sorella Vita

Madison was a total babe, she rocked our favourite Jesus Peiro dress with her amazing figure and blew us away with her weding images.

Tell us about the proposal…

Not long after moving into our new home last year Chris asked one evening what client meetings I had booked for the coming weeks. I thought it was odd but checked my dairy anyway. He said he was planning a surprise holiday and wouldn’t tell me where just that I needed some days off work. I became hopeful that this trip would be ‘the trip’ but he continually threw me off the scent. By the time we had arrived in Dubai id told myself to relax and just enjoy the holiday.

On our way to find a drink Chris said he’d forgotten his wallet and nipped back into the room whilst I waited in the corridor. Unbeknown to me this was when he’d taken the ring out of his bag and stashed it out of sight. We went for drink in the hotel, but it lacked atmosphere, so we wondered to another downstairs where we sat outside.

We’d gone in August when the heat and humidity is at its highest, so it was far from comfortable, but we enjoyed the view. We were discussing things we’d like to do to the house when Chris randomly asked for a photo. Its normally me doing all the snaps, he moans at me for taking numerous selfies.

We took one or two, but it was just so hot. I’d gone to sit back down when Chris asked for one more. I reluctantly got back up and began fluffing my hair. When I turned around I found Chris on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring. He simply asked ‘will you marry me?’.

My first words were ‘no’. I think I was just so shocked I couldn’t believe it. So, I said it again and then ‘are you joking’ I finally said ‘yes’ and placed the ring on my finger and cried into Chris’ chest. There wasn’t a soul insight, it was just the two of us  The feeling, that moment is something I’ll never forget.

It was ‘YES’ I’ve finally got my man and he’s chosen me. We celebrated that evening with some fizz and late-night face time calls to my mom (dad was asleep) and Chris’ mom and dad who both began crying almost immediately. We spent the next two days of our trip discussing our plans for the wedding.

Where did you get married and how did you pick the venue?

We got married in San Jose, Ibiza at venue called Paissa d’en Bernat which lies alone in the silent vivid green mountain landscape within the borders of Ibiza´s nature reserve and is located in the municipality of San Jose, in the South of the island.

We chose the venue for three reasons.

  1. Its STUNNING Views
  2. Its free bar package. Chris is rugby player so this speaks for itself.
  3. It felt right!!

We actually booked the wedding having never seen the venue in the flesh or met with Cristina (wedding planner). I’m a true believe in what’s meant to be and this was it.

How did you find our Boutique?

It was actually my sister Tomoka that suggested the Boutique. A colleague that she worked with had gotten married recently and worn a Jesus Piero so she suggested I take a look.

What made you decide your dress was the one & what did you love most about it?

Having been to only one other appointment prior to going to the boutique I was feeling very overwhelmed by all the different options. I’ve never been a girly girl and so although all of the dresses I tried on where beautiful, I didn’t feel myself. My Jesus Peiro was the last dress I tired on during my appointment. I have to admit on the hanger it didn’t look like much BUT as soon as I saw myself in it for the first I got ‘that feeling’.
What I loved most was the lace detail, especially on the shoulders. Oh and the back. This speaks for itself.

How did you accessorise, ie, which shoes did you pick? Did you choose a Headpiece or a Veil, or both?

I don’t really do accessories so I knew for me a veil and shoes was all I needed. My shoes were a dusty pink from ALDO and my veil of course was from the Boutique. Plain and all one length.

Did you have Bridesmaids? If so, what did they wear, how did you pick?

I had 4 maids and a flower girl. My three sisters, Sorrell, Harrie and Tomoka. Chris’s Niece Hannah and my own Niece Sienna. I hadn’t given much thought to a theme. I don’t have a favourite colour and so when my sister Harrie picked out the sequin Sorrella Vita dress you can see in the photos it just kinda worked. Like it was meant to be somehow. I did give all my maids free reign to choose other styles but they all went to for the same in Rose Gold.

What did your groom wear?

He wore a Linen/ Wool mix waist coat and trousers to match in a light brown. He had it custom made and tailored at Clements and Church is Solihull.

Finally, tell us about your big day .. What was the feel/vibe of the day? Do you have a favourite moment?

The day was definition of PERFECT. If anyone is contemplating getting married abroad, just go for it! The planning, whilst still a little stressful is taken care of and was executed in our case perfectly by Cristina and her team at Paissa d’en Bernat.

Ibiza has a very chilled vibe so for someone like me that overthinks everything this was the best option. The venue speaks for itself! I’m not sure what our theme was exactly, I suppose an eclectic mix of all the things we love.

My favourite moment was our first dance because it’s really the first moment of the entire day that you get to take a moment and actually talk to your new husband or wife 

Venue: Paissa d’en Bernat / 
Wedding Planner: Cris Crown / 
Photographer: Dario Sanz Padilla / 
Florist: Floral Dreams Ibiza / 
Videographer: Antonio Reverte Pérez /

Celebrant: Zena Birch / Instagram: zenabirchweddings

Make-up: Katy Doggett at Boucle Hair & Beauty /

Hair: Georgina Thompson at Boucle Hair & Beauty /

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